i had great opportunity to work with my friend maren from manifest media on her film documentary for chance e.v. Peru. these are some stills from the motion pieces that i created that are edited between the documentary…a spinning globe, a map navigating to south america, a cycle process, and a lower thirds design. these illustrations help visualize donations from germany that help the development for initiatives in huanuco, peru. both maren and i are into simple and clean styles with bold colors!

off to see some friends in the bay area this week, so i wanted to take the time to post photos from last years adventure. it was a short visit, mainly for work at the time, but we did manage to play tourist for a little bit. we enjoyed some pizza by the bridge, went to one of the steepest roads, drove to yosemite park for a day, and spotted an old childhood landmark.

take a seat as i begin…

hello, i’m desiree anne, but people like to call me desiree, des, or desi. i like them all ;] join me here on desireeanne.com to view my past & present work and stay connected with me through social media. so welcome! i hope you find this site cool and refreshing, like a ice coffee on a hot summers day, aloha!